Social Media management
and campaigns
Are you tired of following your accounts on social networking sites, creating engaging content, and constantly interacting with your customers’ comments and complaints? Save time, effort, and use Kuzluk Social to manage your accounts and bring them back to life with targeted monthly campaigns.
Marketing through social networking platforms
In spite of the constant changes and developments in social networking sites, we at Kuzluk believe in two principles that can not be changed in these channels:

First, do not publish the content of the marketing only for the purpose of publishing

Second, Kuzlukians know exactly the secrets of social media marketing by heart!

Direct Marketing Strategies
Spreading good content on social networking sites without a strong goal and strategy can not result in effective marketing results for your business. So, we create great content and publish it according to proven strategies and techniques after identifying the objectives of your marketing campaigns (awareness raising, entertainment, customer retention, brand perception, etc.) and the point you want to reach in the future.
Choose Your Best Plan

We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.

We Turn your marketing goals into real results
Through this service, we will design interactive pages and posts that affect people’s emotions and minds to respond to your demands and desires. We schedule publishing times and hours according to the peak times analysis so your followers will have the time to interact on your pages. We also create and promote your paid campaigns in a and accurate way to select the right target segments, interact with customers and respond to their queries, with monthly reports on the progress of work.
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