Kuzluk - Creative agency
A group of young marketers who combine enthusiasm, madness, shared faith in digital marketing, a blend of experience, and fun. Our main objective is to understand the activities of companies in different sectors the problems they encounter through advanced software and analytical tools, and to design appropriate solutions that ensure sustainability and trust.
Executive Team

Our success is a result of teamwork and building upon our technical expertise and creative style in providing a full-service solution to our clients.

Our values


Value-oriented solutions
We focus on understanding the nature of your business and its needs and helping you understand the available options and dedicating our energies to designing and implementing solutions and marketing campaigns that deliver high value for your business.


Best practices and latest innovations
At Kuzluk, we are committed to following best practices resulted from global studies. New marketing strategies are being devised daily, so we continually look for and adopt those mechanisms, whether they relate to paid advertising, social networking tactics, or SEO.


Future-Oriented Transparency
We build trust with our clients since we are committed to the principle of transparency, so we write business reports to provide them with a full understanding of the dedicated efforts and results of the services that have been reached. We are very clear about what we will do and the way we will do it, as well as our willingness to guide their marketing activities to deliver value over the long run.
What's in Name?

Our friends and customers often ask us why we chose “Kuzluk” as the name and brand of our company, and the truth is that we feel happy and proud each time we talk about the two reasons standing behind it

The first motivation is the faith of our team members in one of Einstein’s sayings: “Imagination is more important than knowledge, knowledge is limited but imagination surrounds the world.” Based on this quote which is adopted in the way we work, we translate the imagination into “Kuzluk” to express the fundamental stone in our activities. The physical world contains things people can’t see with their naked eyes, and often the discovery of those things needs people who have much more ability to imagine, but they will also need magnifying lenses to accomplish the discovery and see such things. Similarly, the world of digital marketing contains data and indicators that can only be imagined through our “glasses – kuzluk” which is made from a combination of imagination, precision, experience and creativity.

Is to preserving the Arabic identity and culture in the workplace which are declining significantly and not so many organizations are noticing this issue. Perhaps the problem is that most of the research and tools invented in our field of work have been written in a foreign language, which in turn driven Arab marketing agencies to be foreign in their identities, slogans, designs, and their culture. Today, we chose this name, Kuzluk, which refer to the word “glasses” in Arabic, to confirm that Arab creativity is still there and we will seek to spread our services to local and international customers, proudly, in Arabic innovation and experience.